Domestic Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning Covent Garden

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Commercial cleaning business in London

At Flex Cleaning, we customise commercial cleaning Covent Garden contracts to meet the unique needs of your company and offer ongoing assistance and adaptation to ensure that you are in compliance with any safe working procedures in London. Our commercial cleaning service staff has the necessary PPE to wear when cleaning to provide safe working conditions for everyone in your office, and our cleaning staff is properly trained to meet the legal needs of each type of client.

Covent garden cleaners

Each sort of spill and mess has a unique cleaning solution. There are many different types of commercial cleaning services, handling everything from vacuuming offices to dealing with hazardous waste, and commercial cleaning deals with non-domestic cleaning requirements.

Domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning are very similar. These workplaces frequently employ materials and furniture that are similar to those found in family houses, so cleaning procedures are frequently the same for both. A kitchen you will find at home and an office kitchen are basically the same except that an office kitchen may have a carpet or flooring that is more durable than the flooring you have at home – because more people use it.

Instead of daily cleaning, commercial office cleaning services involve major cleaning chores that are completed occasionally throughout the year. Common commercial cleaning activities carried out in office environments include washing carpets, sanitising workstations and desktops with antiviral cleaning solutions, steam cleaning furniture, and disinfecting restrooms and kitchens. To minimise interruption at the office, businesses also engage commercial cleaners after renovations or both before and after moving into a new location.

Benefits of outsourcing cleaning services

It is unlikely that you will have time to add cleaning to your list of responsibilities if you run a busy firm. Your workers will be hired to provide specific services to your business, therefore it’s possible that they won’t see cleaning as part of their job description. Additionally, having your personnel spend their time performing their jobs professionally may be more profitable and productive. When asked to do so, a commercial cleaner will show up at your company’s location and complete all the tasks listed in their contract. Whether you are busy or not, cleaning will still get done.

Most businesses in Covent Garden will just have a sweeping brush, a few dusters, and polish, but if you hire a cleaning service, they will come prepared with everything they need to do their job. This may include commercial carpet cleaners, water-fed poles for window cleaning high, and floor polishers, depending on your property and their contract.

The use of their own tools and working on your property are both covered by the insurance when using the services of a commercial and office cleaning company. Are your employees who operate machinery covered by insurance?

Since a commercial cleaning firm employs a large number of qualified cleaners, they can fulfil your regular cleaning contract even during holidays and staff illness. When you are short-staffed around the holidays or are extremely busy, this task is likely to fall to the bottom of the list if you give it to your own personnel.

There are several benefits to keeping your workplace tidy. If you own a customer-facing business in London, you must keep it tidy and odor-free at all times to attract repeat business. Furthermore, a clean workplace is necessary for your personnel. If they are well taken care of and work in a neat environment, they are not only likely to work more but they are also less likely to miss work due to illness.

What tasks will commercial cleaners do?

Before deciding on a price, we will want to visit your Covent Garden office to discuss your needs and assess the scope of the services required. We will then create a unique office cleaning contract just for your company. Consider everything you want the office cleaners to accomplish before hiring them. While some companies may only want their floors and windows cleaned once a week and handle everything else themselves, others will want a thorough office cleaning plan that includes services like:

Weekly office cleaning

  • Clean office windows (window cleaning inside and outside)
  • Clean every floor (this can be very time-consuming)
  • Take out rubbish from the office desk bins.
  • Clean all reception areas and workstations.
  • Clean the bathrooms and restock the toilet paper and towels.

Monthly office cleaning

  • Cleaning the fridges and microwaves
  • Deep cleaning services
  • Carpet cleaning services
  • Any other kind of office cleaning you require

Office cleaning and domestic cleaning review

Domestic cleaners take care of residential buildings, rental houses, and other structures. They perform common household cleaning services that we are all familiar with, including dusting, vacuuming floors, cleaning bathrooms, and simple sanitising. They will leave your London home looking sparkling clean.

In order to provide cleaning services on a larger scale or handle the kinds of messes you don’t often see in a private home, office cleaning staff work in business and factory environments. They frequently have extensive training in various cleaning standards and techniques and are professionals at contract cleaning services for a specific industry or kind of facility.