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How do commercial cleaners work London?

A person or organisation that offers cleaning services to establishments including offices, stores, factories, pubs, and restaurants is referred to as a “commercial cleaner” in general. Domestic cleaning services for houses are also offered by certain commercial cleaning businesses. The cleaning services provided will vary, but the majority of commercial cleaners will have the tools and personnel to handle anything from dusting desks and emptying bins to washing windows and business carpets. Here’s why you should hire a company, such as Flex Cleaning, for your commercial cleaning in Kings Cross:

It is doubtful that you will have time to add cleaning to your list of responsibilities if you operate a busy firm. Your workers will be hired for a certain reason, therefore it’s possible that they won’t see cleaning as part of their job description. Additionally, having your personnel spend their time performing their jobs professionally may be more profitable and productive. When they are engaged to do so, the commercial cleaner will show up to your company’s location and do all the tasks listed in their contract. Whether you are busy or not, cleaning will be done to a very high standard.

Most companies will just have a sweeping brush, a few dusters, and polish, but if you hire a cleaning service, such as Flex Cleaning, they will come prepared with everything they need to do their job. This may include commercial carpet cleaners, water-fed poles for washing high windows, and floor polishers, depending on your location and the contract you have with the cleaner.

The use of their own tools and working on your property are both covered by the insurance of a reputable business cleaning company. Are employees who operate machines covered by insurance?

Since a commercial cleaning firm employs a large number of qualified cleaners, they can fulfil your regular cleaning contract even during vacations and staff illness. When you are short-staffed around the holidays or are extremely busy, this work is likely to fall to the bottom of the list if you give it to your own personnel.

If you require cleaning services for your office in Kings Cross, London – contact Flex Cleaning today to see how we can save you money on your cleaning.

Where will a commercial cleaner clean?

The word “commercial” doesn’t just stop at offices, there are many premises that come under the term “commercial”. Here are examples of the places Flex Cleaning offers its services to:


Let Flex Cleaning take control of your office cleaning needs so you can focus on running your business.


Cleanliness is a major factor in how a hotel presents itself which means regular cleaning is essential to make a good impression on your customers.  We will clean lifts, stairways, corridors and restaurants as standard. In fact, we will clean as many rooms as you’d like us to but give us a call first of all to discuss cleaning your needs.

Shops and Retail

A clean shop is a happy shop and we know this helps to attract more customers. We provide expert cleaning to shops and retail premises such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting and much more to keep your store looking clean and fresh.


A clean classroom is a great place for students to focus because there are fewer distractions.  If you are running a school, college or university in Kings Cross, we are here to help with your cleaning needs.


Organising events can be stressful enough without having to think about the cleaning that is required on top.  Events can be huge and Flex Cleaning is here to help ease the stress of cleaning up before, during and after the event.


We provide professional cleaning services to showrooms and art galleries throughout London, not just Kings Cross.

How much does it cost to hire an office cleaning service in Kings Cross?

In Kings Cross, the cost of a cleaner varies from company to company and work to task. The cost will increase as the cleaning takes longer.

An hourly rate of around £15 is typical.

Do office cleaners offer domestic cleaning services?

At Flex Cleaning, we do not just clean offices, we also provide a regular and one-off domestic cleaning service. We will come to your home fully equipped to tackle your cleaning. We will clean bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, porches, stairways and hallways. We can mop, vacuum, dust, polish, replace bins, clean skirting, toilets, you name it, we can clean it.

Our regular domestic cleaning services can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and will be carried out to the highest standard by our COSHH-trained cleaners.

How long does commercial cleaning take in Kings Cross?

When estimating how long it will take to clean your office space, it is generally best to start by knowing what you want cleaning. The amount of time needed may vary based on your needs and will be useful if you want to hire a cleaning service.

You must determine if everything has to be done every day or whether you only need things done occasionally and not every day. For instance, refrigerators won’t need to be cleaned every day, but they will need a deep clean.

Other factors should be taken into account when determining what will be needed, such as germ control, in addition to your own cleaning expertise. Cleaning the contact points, which are places that people frequently touch, such as door knobs, usually helps with this.

Professional commercial cleaners frequently calculate how frequently they believe is necessary to do a clean on a typical business using simple arithmetic. When seeking out business cleaning services, customers frequently need to start someplace, but this is not an exact science.

Approximately 3000 square feet can be cleaned by one cleaning employee per hour is the industry norm, but that is for typical office space; cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, etc. would be more challenging. The majority of reputable cleaning businesses will also have their own unique calculating procedures for these regions.

A cleaning service will see performing a regular office cleaning every three to five days a week is the industry standard. Therefore, keep in mind that cleaning more frequently will cut down on the time needed for each clean when determining how frequently you need to be cleaned.

How many individuals work in the office on a daily basis and how much foot traffic (visitors) you get will be two of the greatest determinants of how frequently the office has to be cleaned. Naturally, you should have the workplace cleaned more frequently the more people you have, whether they are employees going about their daily business or visitors.

Some cleaning companies may do all of the weekly jobs within a single shift, so you will need one shift that is longer than the others. However, the cleaners may still have daily responsibilities to finish during that shift.

Although you will need to take into account the person doing the cleaning, if this is a cleaning business they may not see it as cost-effective to visit the site more often if the time required on site is not sufficient, you could potentially have a separate shift for the weekly tasks if you feel your office doesn’t require daily cleaning.