Deep Cleaning London – House Cleaning in London with Experienced Deep Cleaners

deep cleaning london

Most people think deep cleaning in London is reserved for wealthy homeowners with time and money to throw at cleaning their homes. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. For most of us, maintaining a clean, tidy home is a constant battle against dirt, grime, and other nastiness.

When you do a “deep cleaning” of your house, you don’t just clean the obvious surfaces; you remove all the dust that’s accumulated underneath furniture and appliances over the years.

A deep clean is an important part of maintaining a well-kept home. But making sure your house is clean from top to bottom can be really daunting—especially if you’re doing the cleaning yourself.  Deep cleaning or deep cleansing refers to cleaning the area below the surface of a space and beyond. Thankfully, there are professional cleaners who make this type of job easy and stress-free.

In this post, I am going to give you tips and techniques for finding the best deep cleaning service.

Look For a Deep Cleaning Service With Insurance

You need to make sure that your deep cleaners are covered. If you hire a one-off deep cleaning service that doesn’t have insurance, you’ll be personally responsible if someone gets hurt on the job. If you need a deep clean on your home it’s likely the cleaning company will be moving furniture and sensitive objects.  If they are not, they aren’t doing it properly.  Deep cleaning carries a risk, so insurance that covers accidental damage to your belongings is essential.  And make sure the policy covers damages to the property and any accidents that happen while the workers are on the premises.  If the cleaning company you are proposing cannot produce such documentation, they should be avoided.

Look For A Deep Cleaning Services With House Cleaning Experience

Another important consideration when it comes to choosing a deep cleaning service is finding one that has experience doing the job in domestic cleaning.  A professional service that someone can recommend. That means making sure they have some kind of track record, of having been professional house cleaners for other clients. Ask for references for their cleaning services and check them out. You should also ask how long the company has been in business, how many employees they have, and what their operating hours are. Are they open late or on weekends? If not, that could be a red flag. How long has the business been in its current location? Again, if not, that could be a red flag. How long has the owner been in the residential cleaning business? How much training did he or she get to become a certified cleaning professional? What type of insurance does the business have? Will the business provide proof of insurance? What is the maximum amount of money the customer is liable for? What happens if there is an accident while the cleaning company is at the house? Does the business carry liability insurance? What about worker’s compensation? Can the business supply you with a copy of their certificate as a licensed contractor? You should also ask for a written proposal that includes the exact cost of the cleaning, a description of the cleaning processes the company will use, and an estimate of how long the job will take.

It must be noted that domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning are very different, and a cleaning business without a track record in domestic cleaning should be avoided as their workforce will do little to understand the level of precision required for one-off deep cleaning of a house.

Look For A Cleaners With Deep Cleaning Experience

To ensure the cleaning job of your home is done to a high standard, always contact a cleaning company that has plenty of experience in deep cleaning. A deep clean is a thorough process of cleaning every room in your home. It should take much longer than a regular clean and the price will reflect this.  The key is to find a cleaning company with plenty of experience and expertise. If they are experienced, then they will be able to offer you a deep clean service that will make your house spotless.  Ask them to walk you through the process of how they clean your house and make sure you know exactly what you are going to get for the quoted price.  Some services may give you a good price to secure the job, but on the day, will try to add things that weren’t included in the original quote.  Definitely be wary of this.

One-off Deep Cleaning Versus Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is more or less just ensuring that surfaces in your property are cleaned, bathrooms and showers are bleached and sprayed with antiviral liquid, dust is removed and carpets and floors are vacuumed.  During regular house cleans, under normal circumstances, no furniture will be moved and no carpet lifted.  On the other hand, a one-off deep clean on your property is much more thorough and will take much longer.  Over and above what is done in a regular clean, the cleaning company should remove items from shelves, cleaning them as they go, as well as cleaning the shelves they were on.  Other things that should be included in a deep clean are light shades, cooker hoods, and even oven cleaning.  A regular clean in an average 3 bedroom house will take around 3 hours, whereas a deep clean, dependent on the level of clean, should take around 6 to 8 hours.

One Off Deep Cleaning In London

There are many cleaning companies in London who say they are deep cleaners, but in reality, they lack attention to detail in certain areas.  We’ve been cleaning London homes for over a decade, so we can say with great confidence, we know what we are doing.  Real deep cleaning takes time and an eye for detail and this is why many cleaning service companies who claim to offer deep cleaning services have started, and have maybe lasted a year, before closing their doors.  To service the London domestic cleaning market for over ten years is by no means an easy job, but it’s one that we’ve relished and one we will continue to work hard on.  The most important aspect to us is that our clients are happy.