Move out cleaning London

End of tenancy cleaning when you move out

Move out cleaning London

Search for “move out cleaning London” and you will get a range of companies who say they will provide an end of tenancy cleaning service. At Flex Cleaning we have the knowledge and experience to take on this type of cleaning work and complete it in a professional, efficient manner. When you are about to move out of a property, one of the things you need to consider is getting your deposit back. In order to get a refund, you should ensure that the property meets the contractual requirements. To help you with this, we offer professional end of tenancy cleaning in London and the nearby areas at affordable prices. When moving premises you want to focus on your new place, not the place you are leaving. So leave the cleaning up of the property to our trained staff.

When the tenancy is finishing and you are ready to move out, just call our team of after tenancy cleaners. They will proceed with all cleaning tasks, leaving you to concentrate on more pressing matters.

Our Cleaning Services Are Suitable For:

Tenancy agreements require that renters should leave the property as they found it when they moved in. This is usually one of the requirements to have their deposit returned. When a lease ends and you are ready to move out, it is good to know that there won’t be any issues with the condition of the property. Using an end of tenancy cleaning service can go a long way to helping you get your money back.

Landlord end of tenancy cleaning London

Property owners can also utilise our services to clean a property. If a house has been unoccupied for a while or if tenants haven’t cleaned the
property when moving out, an end of tenancy cleaning service is usually required. As in order to attract new tenants, it’s important to give a fantastic impression to any potential leasers.

We also offer our services to leasing agencies that manage multiple properties and wish to outsource cleaning services.

What are the benefits of a moving out cleaning service?

End of tenancy cleaning is necessary when a person wants to move from a property and return it in a clean state. It removes the stress and mess of moving out and you will be able to receive your deposit from your landlord if you leave the property in a clean condition. You may not have to move out of your property to clean it.

Why does a property need cleaning when a tenant leaves?

When a tenant moves out of an apartment or house, a landlord or a homeowner might want to clean the place before the next tenants move in. It ensures that the property is clean and tidy. A lot of people think that landlords clean the house before showing it to a potential renter. This is not true, it is the tenant’s responsibility to clean the house before moving out.

If you offer short term leasing or holiday letting, the service that Flex Cleaning offers can make the letting process easier and smoother for any short-term rental owner.

Flex Cleaning will make moving out easier – contact us with your end of tenancy cleaning requirements

Contact us today or visit our website to find out more about the end of tenancy cleaning service we offer. We are available for cleaning London based properties and the surrounding area. Our cleaning technicians have the expertise to remove stubborn ingrained dirt and stains and offer unrivalled cleaning service.

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